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Saturday Night Pasta

The SNP tool kit

The SNP tool kit

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Got the book but need the tools? Gift all the tools to get started on your pasta making experience. Starring Saturday Night Pasta native Australian wood dough cutter, native Australian wood ridge pasta board and the base SNP Italian made pasta wheel. The native Australian wood pasta tools have been designed by me and hand carved in Australia by a master wood marker. The tools are hand carved in Jarrah, a wood that is native to Western Australia. Each piece is unique. Wood grain will vary piece to piece. The pasta wheel is from SNP base range which is made from Beechwood in Italy.

The ridge board can be used for a number of different pasta shapes including cavatelli, malloreddus, garganelli, gnocchi and many more. Each piece comes with a Saturday Night Pasta hessian bag for safe-keeping and protection. The fluted pasta wheel is used to create a crinkle cut finish on your pasta. This is useful for ravioli, agnolotti del plin, reginette and many more. And finally, the pastry cutter is ideal to move dough around, scrap off the bench, cut dough, transfer pasta to the pot etc. 

The packs includes
1 x SNP native Australian range ridge pasta board 
1 x SNP native Australian range dough cutter
1 x Base SNP fluted pasta wheel

Comes in hessian SNP bag for safekeeping.
Please request for any personalised notes. 




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