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Saturday Night Pasta

T-shirt and SNP Dirty Martini pasta combo pack

T-shirt and SNP Dirty Martini pasta combo pack

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For those who love tearing into pasta packets and popping sauce lids for an easy, delicious, stand-by dinner. Get on brand with the “Make Shapes” tee.

Combo pack includes
1 x T-shirt
1 x SNP dirty martini pasta sauce (375g)
1 x SNP pipette dried pasta (375g)

About Dirty Martini Pasta sauce
Introducing the Saturday Night Pasta x Archie Rose Distilling Co. Dirty Martini Pasta Sauce. The world has plenty of pasta sauces, but if Saturday Night Pasta was going to do one, it had to be different. This pasta sauce is unlike anything on the shelves. It’s uniquely Australian but plays off everyone’s favourite pasta dish, Penne alla Vodka. A rich, flavour packed pasta sauce starring local Australian Talent - summer ripe, Australian Roma Tomatoes, Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka and Toolunka Estate Naturally Fermented Olive Brine.

This Saturday Night Pasta sauce has been created with love by Elizabeth Hewson. The sauce has been slow cooked in small batches, then hand bottled to ensure the highest quality pasta sauce. Using Elizabeth’s recipe, this sauce has been produced by Lucia’s, a family-run Italian pasta sauce specialist in Adelaide, South Australia.

About the Pipette
In Italian, Pipette translates to “little pipes”. It is a short, rounded, ridge pasta built to capture the sauce in all its curves and crevices. Made from Australian, durum wheat semolina from the “Golden Triangle” area of NSW for Saturday Night Pasta.

This pasta is slowly extruded through bronze dies and gently air dried at low temperature for 48hrs, to preserve the nutritional benefits, the best taste and digestibility. L’Abruzzese Artisan Pasta is an Italian family business who have proudly been making pasta since 1980 using traditional methods.  

About the Tee

Screen printed on organic cotton T-shirts by AS Colour. Lightweight (180gsm)
Colour way: pecorino cream tee with olive green print in adults and baby and Sicilian olive green in kids.

T-shirt details (visit AS for more)
Male - staple organic cotton in natural. Sizing information here.
Female -  maple organic cotton drop tee in natural. Sizing information here.
Kids - staple organic cotton in army green Sizing information here.
Babies - staple organic cotton in natural Sizing information here



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