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Saturday Night Pasta

SNP Home Base Pasta Sauce - Summer Tomato and Basil

SNP Home Base Pasta Sauce - Summer Tomato and Basil

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Tomato and basil, it works. They belong together, they're home. This is our base for all kinds of sauces. Ready to enjoy as is or build on it your way.

Home Base Sauce is a rich and smooth, slow-cooked tomato and basil sauce made and bottled in the height of summer, when the local Australian tomatoes are bursting with flavour, and the basil most fragrant. It's ready to enjoy on its own tossed through hot pasta, or prime to be elevated by adding further ingredients to create a sauce that's completely new. Use it as a base to experiment and add to, as we do.

Puttancesa! All'Amatriciana! Arrabiata! Lasagne! Prawns! Bolognese! Beans! Greens! Fruitti di Mare! Pasta alla Norma! etc etc… This sauce has all the bases covered.


Ingredients: Australian Roma tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic, sugar, basil, salt. No preservatives added.

How to serve: For one of the best tomato and basil pasta dishes you’ve ever had, simply bring your bottle of Home Base Sauce to a gentle simmer, toss through hot, al dente pasta with a generous splash of pasta cooking water, a knob of butter and a shower of Parmigiano Reggiano. Give it a forceful stir and watch it transform into a deliciously silky sauce. Perfect on its own but delicious adorned with pangrattato (fried breadcrumbs) and a blob of buffalo mozzarella.




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